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We are the leading stockiest, suppliers & exporters of HIGH SPEED STEEL & TOOL ALLOY STEEL in the market for providing excellent quality steel.
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PM 23, PM4, PM 30, PM 39, PM52, PM 60


Medium Dia: 25 mm to 160 mm
Large Dia: 165mm to 300 mm

FLATS: (W) 10mm – 250mm to (H) 20mm – 100mm x Length (meters)

PM 23 –is a chromium- molybdenum-tungsten alloyed vanadium steel which is a economical high powder grade metallurgical cold work steel, Suitable for blanking & forming of thinner work materials where a abrasive type of wear is encountered

PM4 - is a high Vanadium-chromium- molybdenum-tungsten alloyed steel which is a high powder grade metallurgical cold work steel, Suitable where adhesive wear & chipping are the dominant problems occur such as SS, Mild steel, copper, aluminum or thicker work material

PM 30 - is a very high performance Powder metallurgical material having a optimal high cobalt - vanadium-chromium- molybdenum-tungsten alloyed steel, Suitable for machining of nickel-base and titanium alloys, for heavy and interrupted cuts, such as gear hobs, shapers, milling cutters, twist drills, taps and broaching tools

PM 60 – is the highest performance PM material among all the categories. With high cobalt - vanadium-chromium- molybdenum-tungsten alloyed steel. It is machinable & is available in few sizes only. Suitable for fast, high wear & chipping machinability, works with high graded steel aluminum, carbon contained alloys etc. Turning and milling tools for roughing and finishing work, wood working tools, highly stressed cold work tools, tool bits.


With new technologies & innovations coming our way, high categorized High speed steel with Powder used technology has been introduced as Powder Metallurgy (P.M.).

With high demands from around the world, Powder made steel has started replacing earlier made HSS. It has become a wide popular choice for various diverse applications for tooling in mechanical as well as CNC. It is perfect for an ample variety of users that grind, not except operations with alloys of the high temperature and exotics.

With life of the tools as almost equal to twice, PM steel has given the best performance in comparison to even carbide, leave the earlier used HSS. Due to high chemical composition of Cobalt, Vanadium, Tungsten, Nickel the steel grains stick to its properties stronger with offering us the best steel to be used for high performance tools. High speed steel produced by the powder metallurgy method for heavy duty machining tools e.g. for machining of nonferrous metals alloys, such as Ti-base & Ai-alloys. Tools exposed to high compressive stresses, e.g. in fine blanking tools for high-strength materials.

Micro structure of Powder Metallurgy HSS bar material
Soft annealed, sintered in vacuum to full density, water atomized pre-alloyed powder, Carbides in white, ferrous in grey
Micro Structure of Conventional High Speed Steel bar material
Hardened, cast and wrought high speed steel. Dark steel matrix background with Carbides shown in white
Compacted and hardened, sintered to full density in vacuum, annealed & water tomized powder. Carbides uniformly distributed in the metal. Carbides shown in white with dark steel background.
Structure of Conventional Forged and Rolled HSS suffers from Carbide banding.


High performance Gear Cutting Hobs, Shapers, Milling cutters, Bevel tools, of all kinds of highly stressed twist bits and taps, shaped shear blades, for working high strength materials, broaches.

Cutting tools for roughing or finishing, such as: helical bits, milling cutters of all types, taps, dies, spindles, reamers, thread rolling tools, drill bits, circular saw segments.

Impact tools and those used for working wood. Cold forming tools such as dies and punches for cold extrusion and cutting and fine cutting tools.